Secure Online Voting System

Optimize your election with a blockchain-based online voting system. It is secure and easy to set up.




We used blockchain-based technology, which makes voting 100% secure and immutable. Voter anonymity is guaranteed by transparent crypto algorithms.


Easy to organize, easy to vote

Creating a vote will be intuitive, easy and fast. No coding knowledge is required. Voting can be conducted on the go on a smartphone or tablet.



One of the main characteristics of blockchain technology is its transparency. The crypto algorithms that we use on top of it are merely mathematics.

Save Time

You don't need to print or distribute ballots, manually register participants or count results. We’ll do it all for you, meaning organizing a vote is much quicker and easier.

Hold safe and fair elections

No one can influence the voting process or manipulate the results. In addition, all votes are completely anonymous — it's impossible to find out who voted for which option.

Increase voter turnout through transparency

Because there's no need to visit a polling station, turnout will increase. Voters can also check and verify in our platform that their vote has been received and counted.

Easy and secure way of online voting.


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